"My Comics, My Story" is back at Hernandez Middle School!

Welcome to 2016 ScholaR fans! I'm hella happy to announce that I will for sure be continuing the "My Comics, My Story" after school program at Hernandez Middle School! As a recap, the intention of this program is to use comics as a medium to honestly discuss social issues relevant to the lives of middle school students. At our last session in November, students engaged in very honest discussion about the segregation of boys and girls in their after school programs. Students, for example, were very aware that the Lego Robotics Club had a lot of boys and the few girls in the club were beginning to feel uncomfortable. Students were also very aware that the Baking Club had a lot of girls and the few boys in the club were similarly beginning to feel like they could not fit in. We discussed at length the importance of pursuing our interests and working together to create welcoming environments that did not gender students' interests at school and made everyone feel comfortable learning together. It was a great discussion that led us to discuss many other related topics that students then illustrated in short comics. I will post pictures soon of some of their comics!

As the program continues into this semester, I am hoping to discuss more social issues with the students including issues of race, school violence, showing love and appreciation and whatever else students may want to discuss. At the end of the day, my hope is that students become comfortable questioning and confronting what they know is unjust, as well embracing and fostering the growth of what they know in their hearts is right. Stay tuned for more updates as we get the "My Comics, My Story" program started up again!